Collection: ceramic + stone

from ceramic vases that evoke a sense of timelessness to cement vases with a rugged, artisanal charm, from soapstone figurines that celebrate delicate artistry to custom plaster creations that carry a touch of personalization, our collection takes you on a journey through the world of handcrafted home decor.

ceramics will always be a classic decorative accessory

at parker + gibbs, our ceramic pieces are versatile accessories that can decorate any space, ranging from your coffee table or bookcase to your kitchen island or a console table in your hallway or office.

our small batch, handcrafted ceramic pieces can be used as standalone pieces or filled with botanicals. want to learn more about how our decorative ceramic vases are made?

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decorate your spaces with handmade ceramics and stone decor

textured ceramic bowls and vases

textured ceramic bowls and vases are a beautiful addition to any home decor. our handmade ceramics are crafted by skilled artisans in indonesia, china, and india. each piece is unique with its own distinct texture, finish, and glaze. our artesa ceramic bowls and vases, such as the longpi white blue glazed ceramic vase, have a textured surface that adds depth and visual interest to any space. they are perfect for displaying succulents, faux florals, botanicals, or any small objects.

smooth finish ceramics

in contrast to the textured ceramics, we also offer smooth finish ceramics. these pieces have a clean, minimalistic look that can fit in any setting. they are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. they are great for holding jewelry, trinkets, or as simple decorative accents.

our soapstone bird objects are another stunning example of handmade craftsmanship. each bird is carved from natural soapstone and polished to a smooth finish. these objects add a touch of nature and serenity to any room. they are perfect for display on a shelf or table, and can also be used as paperweights.

textured concrete vases

our marfa concrete/cement textured and dimpled vases offer a unique, organic look. these vases are handmade by artisans and each one has its own unique texture and character. they can be used to display flowers or greenery, or as standalone decorative pieces. the dimpled texture of the vases adds a tactile element to your decor. they are great for adding an earthy, natural element to your space.

mixed material vases and planters

we also offer mixed material vases and planters such as our natural rattan decorative ceramic vase and our natural rattan decorative ceramic planter. these are great pieces that can add a neutral, textured, organic touch to any space. with neutral designs, pattern and texture are ways to add interest and these natural rattan ceramic pieces will do just that!