vases + jars

parker + gibbs vases + jars: sculpting ambiance through form

elevate your interior spaces with parker + gibbs' thoughtfully curated collection of decorative vases and jars. these versatile pieces, ranging from petite accents to statement vessels, are designed to complement both traditional and modern decor styles.

crafted from premium materials like ceramic, stoneware, marble, wood, glass, and natural fibers, each piece tells its own story. drawing inspiration from vintage treasures, time-honored ceramic techniques, and contemporary design trends, our vases and jars add texture, shape, and intrigue to any room.

explore our diverse range of finishes and forms – from sleek, ribbed designs to organically textured surfaces and intricately carved details. whether displayed on a dining table, nestled in open shelving, or gracing a console, these pieces effortlessly infuse character into your home.

our founders, adam and jeffrey, have carefully selected each item to ensure it not only beautifies your space but also serves a purpose. use larger vases to create striking floral arrangements, or repurpose decorative jars as stylish storage solutions. smaller pieces can add a finishing touch to bookshelves or act as standalone artistic elements.

with parker + gibbs' vases and jars, you have the freedom to continually refresh your decor. rotate pieces seasonally, experiment with different styling combinations, or simply let these timeless objects stand alone as sculptural art. transform your living spaces into personalized galleries that reflect your unique style and appreciation for craftsmanship.