panipat, india

preserving panipat’s legacy of handloomed textiles


rich history of traditional textiles

the northern indian city of panipat has been a hub for handloomed textiles for centuries. the craft has been passed down through generations of skilled weavers and artisans. panipat was renowned for providing textiles to the royal mughal courts in the 16th century. today, it continues to produce intricate fabrics using traditional techniques.

Indian women sorting textile material.

"when you feel the soft cottons and fabrics, you can tell how much skill and tradition goes into weaving each piece. the artisans in panipat really take pride in carrying on the city's legacy of incredible craftsmanship."

the ancient craft of handlooming

the northern indian city of panipat has been renowned for its handloomed textiles for centuries. the craft of handlooming fabrics has been passed down from generation to generation in this textile hub. skilled artisans patiently work at wooden looms, using techniques that have endured over time to produce intricate fabrics like ikat, embroidered silks, and fine cottons.


legacy of craftsmanship

the artisans of panipat carry on the textile traditions of their ancestors, many of whom were weavers for the royal courts of the mughal empire. traditional motifs and designs, rich in history and culture, are woven into contemporary textiles that are as beautiful as they are durable. the exclusive fabrics made in panipat reflect the legacy of craftsmanship of this city.


pride and passion of the artisans

from the care taken in selecting premium cottons, silks and wool to the attention to detail in creating elaborate designs, the pride of the panipat artisans shines through in every handloomed cloth. each luxurious textile celebrates the heritage of panipat while incorporating new colors, patterns, and textures.

the next time you admire the artistry of a handloomed textile, consider the artisans who have kept the ancient craft alive. their passion and perseverance sustain the magnificent textile traditions of panipat.

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