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crafting charm, one bowl at a time.

how to decorate a dough bowl

dough bowls are the perfect blank canvas for creative and seasonal decor. these wooden bowls have a natural rustic charm that pairs well with a variety of decorative accents. from lush greenery to autumnal gourds, there are endless possibilities when styling a dough bowl. read on for dough bowl decorating inspiration!

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how to decorate a dough bowl with moss

moss is a great way to bring an organic and earthy vibe to your dough bowl display. start by lining the bowl with a bit of floral foam or moistened moss to create a base. then, add sheets of preserved reindeer moss in creams, greens or grays, tucking and shaping as desired. incorporate other elements like small plants, branches, pinecones or stones for additional texture. the moss will lend a lovely natural look and keep your dough bowl decor fresh for weeks.

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how to decorate a dough bowl with candles

for an elegant dough bowl centerpiece, try nestling pillar candles or votives inside. opt for white, ivory or other neutral tones to complement the wood bowl. you can add height by using varying candle sizes, and embellish with decorative touches like eucalyptus sprigs, dried citrus slices or a sprinkle of rose petals. groupings of short, stout candles create cozy ambience, while tall tapers give dramatic height. light the candles for instant mood lighting.

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how to decorate a dough bowl with succulents

succulents are ideal for dough bowl arrangements thanks to their low maintenance and sculptural shapes. choose varieties in shades of green, blue, pink or purple and tuck them into the bowl, allowing some to gracefully spill over the edges. mix in some moss or decorative rocks. for extra visual interest, look for succulents of various textures and rosette shapes. succulent dough bowl decor will last for weeks with minimal care required.

Succulent arrangement in decorative centerpiece tray.

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how to decorate a dough bowl with live flowers

to create a vibrant dough bowl bouquet, trim fresh flowers to fit snugly in the bowl, adding water or floral foam at the base to keep them hydrated. some of the best picks are hydrangeas, roses, eucalyptus or carnations in muted or bright, complementary hues. let the blooms be the star and keep other embellishments minimal. change out the flowers as needed to maintain a freshly picked look. your dough bowl will make a stunning centerpiece for special occasions.

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how to decorate a dough bowl with orchids

the elegant blooms of orchids instantly elevate any space. to showcase orchids in a dough bowl, select a few stems with buds or blooms in harmonious colors like blush, lavender or white. trim the stems and arrange in the bowl, adding moss or rocks to hold them in place. phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids work nicely. orchids have an exotic, almost mystical appeal that creates an artistic dough bowl display. mist orchids daily and they can last for a very long time.

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how to decorate a dough bowl with live plants

for an easy, long-lasting dough bowl design, fill your bowl with an assortment of hardy live plants like mini cacti, aloe, jade or other succulents. this allows you to create a lush indoor garden, with the dough bowl serving as a unique planter pot. choose a mix of heights, shapes and textures for visual interest. place your planted dough bowl on an entryway table, desktop or anywhere that gets good light. the mini garden will thrive with minimal care.

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how to decorate a dough bowl with pumpkins

pumpkins are the perfect autumnal accent for dough bowl centerpieces. fill your bowl with a mix of miniature and standard sized pumpkins and gourds in a warm color palette. natural vines, faux leaves, cracked walnuts or wheat stems make lovely additions. for the freshest look, use real pumpkins and swap them out as needed. faux pumpkins in fall hues can be used as a lower maintenance alternative for season-long enjoyment of your autumn dough bowl decor.

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how to decorate a dough bowl in a minimalist style

the simple, handcrafted charm of a dough bowl means it can be styled with a minimalist approach. a minimalist dough bowl design allows the beauty of the bowl itself to shine. try showcasing a single unique item, like a miniature air plant, for an intriguing conversational piece. or place a contemporary potted plant like an aloe vera inside the bowl, keeping the overall look simple and clean. focusing on one main element creates a soothing, decluttered aesthetic while the neutral wooden bowl lends natural texture. for added interest, incorporate complementary touches like smooth stones, sand, or eucalyptus sprigs around the base. let the dough bowl be the foundation for a thoughtful, less-is-more vignette.

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