moradabad, india

we're heading to brass city

when you need to create unique metal bowls, vessels, and trays, you go to moradabad, india. and that's exactly what we did.

Moradabad local market street view.

where are our metal trays and bowls made?

moradabad has made a name for itself in regards to metal and brass work and is world-renowned for it's handicraft industry. moradabad is affectionately and glamorously referred to as "brass city". currently, the city of moradabad accounts for 40% of total handicraft exports from india.

Metal artisans in Moradabad scraping metal bowls.

who creates our collections of metal trays and bowls? the answer might surprise you!

while manufacturing is typically done in-house at factories, product customization is quite often outsourced to village artisans. artisans that are dedicated to perfecting their craft with skills and craftsmanship that transcend generations. from melting and casting, to hand scraping and engraving, to polishing and painting, every piece is a collaboration among many gifted craftspeople.