moradabad, india

preserving moradabad's metalware craftsmanship


an enduring legacy of metal artistry

the city of moradabad in northern india has been renowned for its metalware for hundreds of years. skilled metal artisans have passed down the techniques for shaping brass, copper and silver through generations. moradabad's intricate metalware reflects the pride and creativity of its
talented craftspeople.

nicknamed "brass city" or "peetal nagri" for its expansive brass industry, moradabad supplies around 80% of india's brassware. its legacy stretches back over 400 years to the days of mughal rule. generations of artisans have honed the craft, creating a thriving cluster of cottage industries.

Indian metalware artisan scraping metal bowls.

"our hands shape brass into works that connect past and present. each piece preserves a legacy while reflecting our pride."

intricate designs and finishes

moradabad produces a vast range of metalware including vases, bowls, figurines, lamps, and jewelry. artisans hand beat metal sheets into delicate designs showcasing both utility and beauty. the moradabadi artisans are known for their finely finished pieces, often ornamented with engraved patterns and accents.
brassware is intricately decorated using techniques like embossing, inlaying, and tarkashi. cookware and utensils feature hammered patterns and polished finishes.


sustaining a time-honored craft

for many in moradabad, metalware crafting provides livelihood and upholds cultural identity. the artisans are dedicated to maintaining the city's distinguished legacy of metal artistry. their handcrafted metalware keeps alive a tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

from bold brass utensils to ornate silver filigree, moradabad's metalware reflects generations of creative mastery. the city's artisans form a vital link between past and future.

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